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Blind Signal #1 with Adam Asnan, Gil Delindro and Andreas Miranda

September 15, 2016. Berlin

Adam Asnan is an electroacoustic musician and location sound recordist, based between London and Berlin. His work promotes the aesthetic potential of recorded, amplified sound, the auditory ‘image’ and the virtues of spatialisation. For the occasion of this performance, he will present a new work under development; a successor of what began with REV Sets, exploring the relationships between simple but cyclic/repeating musical motifs, acoustic/acousmatic resonances and spatialisation.

Gil Delindro is a multidisciplinary artist/researcher working mainly with film, installation and performance. Based upon field research, he uses raw elements and analog processes to create a very physical and direct sound work, embracing both a concrete and unique imaginary land

Andreas Miranda is a Belgian musician, film score composer and sound designer based in Berlin. His « Sound Journey » gives the blind- folded audience the chance to dive into his patchwork universe made out of field recordings, electronic-ambient music, along with some live sitar. Definitely unique in its magic.

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