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Blind Signal #3 with Driftmachine, UCC Harlo, Ephemeral Tomorrow

September 22, 2019. Berlin

Satellites exchange information with their counterparts on Earth and also between each other, creating an invisible network of communication above our heads. Their function is diverse, ranging from GPS localization, mobile communication to internet support. Artist collective Ephemeral Tomorrow aims to show these events in their site specific audiovisual installation Satellarium II. Visuals and sounds are based on real time tracking of the satellites, by processing informations available on open source online databases.
The image therefore correlates with a subtle soundscape inspired by real audio signals and interference noise produced by satellites, which were recorded on earth. They once more reveal the omnipresent existence of satellites and how we are constantly surrounded by those data traces. The group combines astronomical and technical knowledge with clean and minimalistic aesthetics, encouraging the viewers to question reality and to become more aware of its subtle digital aspects.

UCC Harlo (US/DE) aka Annie Garlid, proposes sonic reconciliations between the old and the new and contemplates post-post-internet-age relationships to the natural world. A classically trained viola player and singer, many of her sound projects use samples of her own performances of medieval, Renaissance, and baroque music as their starting point. Others begin from scratch and channel influences as disparate as noise, minimalism, left-field house, and early vocal polyphony.
For Blind Signal, she will perform an immersive live set that responds to this special ’Godless church’, a venue which is unique in its abandoned role as sacred space, its brutalist cathedral aesthetic, and its reverberant acoustic. The set will integrate live vocals, guest instrumentalists, and music by Magister Zacharias, Solage, and others.










Modular synth duo Driftmachine (DE) started as a workshop where Andreas Gerth and Florian Zimmer, producers of an extensive back-catalog of records and projects, focused on synth exploration and searched for a new approach for groove and bass-driven music. The project steadily evolved and the duo ended up releasing several albums on the acclaimed Mexico-based experimental imprint Umor Rex. 
Third modular system is played live as an independent instrument by Mika Shkurat (UA), a visual artist from Kiev. Co-existing in the same space, sharing and extending Driftmachine’s aesthetics, video system creates rough and impressive visual guidance to the duo’s sound. Video synthesis, sampled video fragments, feedback loops created with a monitor and multiple video-cameras are all employed to spit out vibrant and uncompromising visual substance.















This third edition is part of the first month of contemporary music in Berlin, presented by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin / field notes.


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