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Blind Signal #4 with Aidan Baker & Gareth Davis, Cobi van Tonder

June 22, 2018. Berlin

Goodbye Anthill is a live drone piece by South African, Berlin-based composer Cobi van Tonder, using the voices of Cibelle Cavalli Bastos from Brazil, Elise Mac from Norway, data-mined voices & virtual voices, field recordings, and audience participation.
The performance will be fed by non-verbal vocal calls, tones and data mined voices that follows as process driven form a pendulation between “complex listening” and “telepathic listening” (terms influenced by Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening). With “complex listening” both the performers and the audience try to take in everything they hear, whilst during “telepathic listening” each of us chooses a single sound to focus on and imagine this sound to be a telepathic pathway that they travel on. Each individual in own rhythm, however fast or slow feels the contracting/expansion of the pendulation.










Aidan Baker & Gareth Davis have newly released the album Invisible Cities on Karlrecords. This is the first collaboration between Aidan Baker (Nadja, B/B/S, Caudal) and bass clarinetist Gareth Davis (Oiseaux-Tempête, A-Sun Amissa) as a duo. It offers finest ambient, chamber jazz and subtle drones of a highly meditative quality. Berlin-based Canadian Aidan Baker is one of the most productive and versatile artists when it’s about post-rock, drone or ambient, and a true master of his main instrument, the guitar. Gareth Davis’ eclectic oeuvre includes contemporary classical, free improvisation and orchestral music, as well as rock, noise and electronica. Their collaborative work creates a calm, even meditative atmosphere in their reduced manner that gives much room to the individual instruments and sounds, occasionally spiced up by field recordings that intensify the overall chamber jazz / ambient moods.










Unterstützt mit Mitteln des Bezirkskulturfonds und Mitteln der Projektförderung des Bezirks Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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