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Hygiene and safety concept


1. The number of guests attending will be limited to 40 ticket holders only.

2. No bar: Drinks will not be sold. If you bring drinks, please keep it with you at all times.

3. No box office: Blind Signal - Multiple will be a presale ticket-only event. Prior online purchase will be required, as well as ticket-holder/attendee name, email and telephone information (These will be erased after 4 weeks) Guests are to digitally check-in themselves, therefore direct contact with box office staff is avoided.

4. Separate entrance and exit: A ‚one-way‘ system will be in place, clearly signposted, with distance markers.


5. Masks are required to be worn before and during concerts/performances. 


6. Anti-bacterial disinfectant will be available at both entrance and exit. Guests are encouraged to wash and disinfect their hands regularly, and maintain safe distance.


7. Every guest will receive the information when buying an online presale ticket.


8. Guests showing symptoms of respiratory infection will be unable to enter the venue, as will people unwilling to comply with our hygiene and safety policy.


9. We recommend that guests make use of the federal government’s Corona Warn app.


10. Before, between, and after each performance, the room will be aired during 2 uninterrupted hours.


11. No toilet at the venue

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