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Sunday 27, the third day, will be a series of performances of both artists using elements of their installations and inviting the trumpets players Carina Khorkhordina, Alexander Kranabetter and the  jinashi shakuhachi player Kiku Day for their performances to enrich these sonorities.


September 25, 26 & 27 - 2020, Berlin


Rhizome Spring Noise harp

Rhizome Spring Noise harp is the most recent version of an electroacoustic musical instrument/sound sculpture developed by Jimenez. Five speakers are connected to five transducers through metal springs and mix their electronic signals randomly through a self-design amplifier.

Cybernetic ensemble,

Cybernetic ensemble is multiple autonomous sound machines combined with elements of the sound installation and sound sculptures. The performance entails an interplay between humans performers and machines to create sonic morphologies of extreme sensuous energy and timbral complexity. The performance will feature a piece with the "Sonas Mutua Cybernetic Duo" with Kiku Day and Marisol Jimenez.  


human turntable - TROMOLO (world première) 

human turntable - TROMOLO is an installative sound performance consisting of one round platform, five metal tubes, two chairs and two trumpet players. The chairs are fixed on the platform and the trumpet player sit on them. While the platform and musicians are turning, the six meter long tubes, which protrude into different points of the room, remain immovable (so that the two musicians move past again and again).

Focusing on the this always changing acoustical facts they use the tubes as a mechanical effect device and interpret a composition which is developed for this dispositive. This installative sound performance is receiving an additional support from the AKM/austromechana.

Ventorgano (Berlin premier)

The Ventorgano is an electroacoustic synthesizer, consisting of guitar strings, wooden resonating bodies and converted fans which use cello-bow hair instead of propellers to set the strings into oscillation. Rotating speed, string tension and attack can be adjusted progressively, allowing the player to control micro-rhythmical elements and subtle changes in the overtone spectrum. 


SANTA MELODICA ENSEMBLE (outdoor performance) by Andreas Trobollowitsch

Andreas Trobollowitsch will present Santa Melodica Ensemble (Berlin Première) with Kiku day, Marisol Jimenez, Carina Khorkhordina, Alexander Kranabetter and Andreas Trobollowitsch

The Santa Melodica Ensemble is a sound performance for five performers, melodicas, cable tubes and balloons. While playing,  each performer swings their instrument at a certain speed. Together they create an arpeggio effect, that constantly changes due shifts in speed, turning the performers into a continually transforming kinetic organism.


17h00 - 18h30 (number limited to 40 people)

18h45 - The Santa Melodica Ensemble - OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE - Im Park am Wasserturm

20h30 - 22h00 (number limited to 40 people)


Only online purchase, no ticket at the entrance. 

Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Diedenhofer Straße, Prenzlauer Berg 10405 Berlin, Germany

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