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Human Cartography revolves around overlapping sounds, memory, walking, the imaginary, archiving, poetry (written and of spaces) and public spaces.

I record people talking and telling their thoughts and stories while walking. I mix spontaneous discussions that are supported by the visible structure, and written through a narrative already thought out and connected to a discursive preparation of which I am a link, like the one in the Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro. Or also for some sound walks, a choreographed and written artistic narrative using the artistic practices of each one, like the one in Centro de Rio de Janeiro with the Street Artist Marcio Do Vale.

I am building a cartography of visions, where the voice is the guide "of the blind", in the sense that we do not see the route until we start. The voice as a transmitter, as a breath that shares a path and a vision.

I use the voice of others to transmit an imaginarium, we then take the voice as part of the story, as one of the objects of the landscape.

"The reality of walking is not only the solidity of the ground under one's foot, but a test of one's own firmness. Thoreau repeatedly insists that in walking, it is also its own reality that is at stake" Walking, a philosophy, by Frederic Gros

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